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Should Trump Admin Keep Investigating the Clintons? Part 2

Our New Attorney General, JEFF SESSIONS, Has Described The Investigation Into CLINTON A “high prosecution case.”   a message from President Elect Donald J. Trump:     It is definitely an exciting time to be alive as long as you are not Hillary Clinton. WE THE PEOPLE have actually been gifted with President Donald Trump and Vice-President Pence, who are truly honorable men ready to clean up the Country. Plus, they are putting together a Cabinet who will be allowed to do their job. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be…

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Bill Clinton Tells Veteran to Shut Up… !!!!!

Bill Clinton showed his true colors while campaigning for his wife in South Carolina. He has no respect for those who serve in our military. A former Marine drill sergeant asked Clinton about the VA’s serious issues with providing veterans medical care. The former president seemed interested in what the man had to say.   But, Clinton’s hostility came out when the veteran asked about Benghazi. He tried to bully the veteran into shutting up. Hillary’s poor leadership helped cause the deaths of four Americans. They need to keep average voters…

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