Trump would be willing to remove Bannon from National Security Council

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday that if President Donald Trump’s newly appointed national security adviser wanted to remove chief strategist Steve Bannon from the National Security Council’s principals committee, the president would “take that under serious consideration.” Read more Here: Trump would be willing to remove Bannon from National Security Council

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Insurance advices 

10 Reasons to Consider Life Insurance (and When!)

We asked insurance professionals on our LinkedIn page and group to share their best tip on life insurance and getting coverage, and here is some of the great advice we got: 1. Start young. Just because you don’t have a family, mortgage and larger financial obligations doesn’t mean that you have to wait to get life insurance coverage. Lock in your rates while you are young and healthier. You can always add more later in life. —Ivan I. Usero 2. A pasta dinner fundraiser after you’re gone will not raise…

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All the Presidents’ cars: the wheels that Trump, Obama, De Gaulle and more rode in

World leaders have a range of unique cars – we rank the best presidential cars out there as Donald Trump is sworn into office Donald Trump hasn’t just been handed the keys to the White House but he’s also about to be given a set for a brand new presidential Cadillac very soon. As the president of the United States, Trump’s security status will be catapulted to a new extreme – which is why he’ll be driven around in one of the safest cars on the planet. But Trump isn’t…

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Flu Remedy – Lemon, Ginger & Honey

Don’t let cold and flu season knock you for a loop.  Stock up on this home cold & flu remedy before the cold weather sets in.  It’s even delicious when you’re feeling great! For a long time, honey, ginger, and lemon have been recognized for their homeopathic properties.  When combined, they make a knock-out remedy against a myriad of ailments.  This elixer will relieve many of the symptoms that accompany flu, cold, infection and inflammation.  Just check out some of the natural properties of these ingredients: Honey: antibacterial, antioxidant, antitumor,…

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